A New Scribbler on the Block..

Before I even start, let’s begin with a little bit about myself. The words in the previous statement remind me of a very common and nerve-wracking question (at least for me) we all have been asked during our interviews and that is, “So, tell me a little about yourself”, “introduce yourself”. Speaking of myself, interviews really scare me. Admittedly, I’ve never failed any interview and have always got the job at the first go. Still, that doesn’t qualify me to give tips to others for nailing interviews because till date, I tend to get panic attacks, sleepless nights and what not. So delighted right now that I don’t have to think about making bad impressions and can introduce myself in a simple, straightforward manner. I was born and raised in India, Punjab to be precise. I moved to Canada in 2010 with my family. I have lived a very luxurious life always, even now I’d say (thanks to mom and dad). Academically speaking, I was always an honors student, getting straight A’s. Transitions are not easy. I’m not going to discuss a typical immigrant story here of struggles, adjusting and adapting to a new environment; as much as I want to, because all of that is so true. Or maybe I will, in another blog – from the diary of Punjab to Toronto? 😉 I feel extremely blessed to have a very supportive family. My parents and my elder sister have always showered me with unconditional love, they are my pillars of strength.

I remember long time back, I vaguely mentioned it to somebody how I want to start my own blog. The immediate reaction I received was, “Blog and you? English is not even your first language. And who is going to read what you write? There are many bloggers out there who are extremely talented and knowledgeable. What experiences are you going to share with the world?” Not denying, how demoralized and disheartened I felt for so long after hearing those words. Probably, that person was right. Blogging community is like a vast ocean and even if I start to blog, who would care to read the thoughts I jot down. Everyone would make fun of my poor English and my humdrum writing. I’d be a tiny unnoticeable, obscure fish in this vast ocean. Out of the fear of making myself a laughing-stock, the idea of blogging was suppressed. Its only last week that the thought struck my mind again. After giving it reasonable contemplation, I decided why not to join the club? I freed myself from setting high expectations or comparing myself to other bloggers. I decided I’d write whatever comes to my mind. Yes, I can’t give intellectual insight on life’s philosophies nor I am capable of discovering fundamental principles of sciences, but I can freely share what my mind thinks, my reasoning, my opinions and ideas on certain things.

Blogging is such a splendid platform and I believe we are all allies, aren’t we? Starting this blog means a lot of different things to me, some of which I know and a lot of which I don’t. I hope you enjoy reading my journey as much as I will enjoy writing it.



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