Book of Fate, where art thou?

Humans are curious by nature. Although, the level of curiosity may differ from person to person but there’s no denial about the fact that majority of us crave to know stuff, almost about everything, most importantly – our life.  Not sure if that was an apt start to what I want to write but I have always been fascinated by the idea of knowing what my future holds! I’m always CURIOUS to know what will happen to me, to my life in the times to come. I’m sure many can relate to that. I’m one of those people who religiously reads the horoscope every day. At times, I feel it completely applies to me, other times I’m perplexed. Sometimes I believe in it and sometimes I feel doltish for giving much importance to mere words written by somebody. Come on, who can predict what our future has in store for us. Don’t they say, our life is nothing but consequence of all the choices we make? Despite knowing that, I still read my horoscope and go to astrologers, palmists, and tarot card readers. Yup, I’m guilty as charged.

Life isn’t a bed of roses. There are times when you feel completely lost, disoriented, the ability of your mind to think rationally just disappears. And I’m not talking about any single aspect but this feeling could be connected to relationships, emotions, career, physical health, lack of wealth; life in general. The bold and the brave withstand the worse conditions and fight on their own. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m calling all those who seek astrological help in bad times as weak, no offence. But for some of us, it gives a ray of hope and motivation when a professional tells us that good times are on the way. We all think on a different level, the thing that might relieve one may not impact the other at all.

I remember once a very dear friend of mine told me that it’s funny how people blame their unfavorable stars, their horoscope, their astrological predictions on some event of failure rather than acknowledging their own lack of effort and hard work. As much as I agree with the fact that blaming your luck or blindly following these prophecies is sheer stupidity, it gives me immense joy and happiness when any astrologer/palmist tells me great happenings will take place in my future life or when I read a horoscope that projects the ball in my court. And then also, my morale level goes from 100 to 0 when I read or am told unpleasant prognosis. I’m friends with a lot of people who believe in astrology/numerology (yes, I know both are different methods) and it has worked wonders for them. Even for petty matters, they rely solely on their astrologer. However, I even know many who are totally against this belief and laugh it off. Well, they can’t be blamed. Their predictions never turned out to be true! And oh well, there are some who just don’t care about what anyone has to say about their present or upcoming life nor they care to think about the big picture themselves but just live in the moment. Just like we have two sides of the same coin, we have believers and non-believers too. And their reasons can’t be questioned. After all, it’s a matter of personal choice and free will.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s this strange debate always going inside my mind whether to believe in what somebody tells me about what is going to happen, or just ignore the forecast and focus on doing the right thing, give my best at everything I do and take life as a sweet surprise. It’s ironical how I somehow know what to do, still can’t help but get lost in the labyrinth. Oh well, If only we could read our Book of Fate, if only!

Sherry 🙂



  1. “..give my best at everything I do and take life as a sweet surprise..” The best thing about life is the anticipation of what will happen next. This is such a great read! 🙂

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