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Coming straight to the point, a little while back, my friend gifted me this novel called “The Alchemist”. It’s written by a Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho. I would like to add that I didn’t receive that book on any special occasion. Sometimes, you really don’t need a reason to give something to someone. It can be all year round especially among friends. I’ll equally treasure a rose or a card as much as I would an expensive gift. I’m exceptionally sentimental when it comes to gifts because for me, it’s the thought that counts. I’ve received many presents till date, and I treasure each and every one of them. But, the reason I chose to mention this book as special is because it has influenced my life in so many positive ways.

I was not into reading books. I always wanted to develop an appetite for reading but the big, fat books scared me. Before I was given ‘The Alchemist”, I attempted to read a novel but after 10 pages, I skipped the plot in between and jumped to the last few pages at the end to find out what happened. I didn’t have that kind of patience, persistence to go through 600 pages word by word. Yes, I know that’s not so very nice of me. When you do start a novel, you have to finish it. That’s a sign that you are respecting the author, his efforts. I would have probably done the same with “The Alchemist” too if I picked it up on my own. Since it was given to me by a friend (who had already read it) I felt a slight pressure of reading it. I questioned myself what if one day the friend decides to bring something up related to the book, what I would say or how would I react if I don’t read it completely. And when I finished the entire novel, I realized that it wasn’t that hard. I certainly had to resist the impulse to stop midway but somewhere deep down in my heart, I was realizing how my mental-resilience muscles are being put to work and I was kind of gaining strength. It was that thought which kept me going. And there’s no denying that the continuity actually triggered my interest in reading. I can’t say I’ve read many books subsequently, but it’s indisputable that whenever I do, I shall read it all till the very end.

It’s a very simple and nice book to sit down and read through, mainly for the beginners like me. It tells you about the ultimate secret of the universe, that we all are interconnected. We all are one. It explains how it’s not the destination but the journey that counts. The people you meet in your life, the hardships that you face, and the heartaches you go through – every experience is a lesson of life. The universe is willing to guide each person in the correct direction, only if that person can recognize the signs of the universe. I’d definitely list this book as a recommended read for everyone.

My friend and I don’t talk very often now. There hasn’t been any fight but for some weird reason, the communication has become very minimal. None of us know if the cold war will end and we will get back to normal or if the distance in hearts will continue growing slowly. But it’s the same friend who insisted that I should start writing. Without any persuasion, I wouldn’t be blogging. And even if I and my friend are not together in future, the bond we share will always remain alive in the form of my writings. Every blog post right from the start till the end, will be dedicated to my friend. It’s very rare how some people can identify your aptitude and motivate you to follow your skill. I shall forever be grateful. The book will always be precious because it inculcated the habit of reading in me. The book gave me a good message about knowing that our lives have a grand purpose and the lessons of fortune and misfortune are necessary for our spiritual growth.

From now, I would like to start reading more novels. Any suggestions?

Sherry 🙂



  1. Alchemist is a great start… I love that book..
    From Paulo read
    1.Veronica Decides to Die
    2. Eleven minutes

    Some of my favourites are
    * The fault in our stars _ John Green
    * The reasons to Stay alive _ Matt Haig
    * Me and Earl and the Dying girl
    * Who moved my cheese _ Dr. Spencer Johnson
    * To Kill a Mocking Bird
    * When Breath becomes Air

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  2. I was a beginner when I read it(still, I am the same) or you can say this was my first novel I read and this novel was really good! I read it on my journey from Delhi to Agra, it was a great read! 😊

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  3. Reading can really improve our language using skills.
    Alchemist easily the most recommended books by many friends to me.But i become so lazy thinking of reading a whole book 🙂


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