Let’s go halves, shall we?

Hi beautiful people, hope you all are doing well. By this time, you must have guessed that any topic, idea or thing that has 2 sides to it – intrigue me. Before we move ahead, I’m sorry for the delay in getting this post up! I’ve to be honest. I’ve a good reason for being so laid back about writing – road trips. Yes, besides being busy with work, the past 1.5 month has been pretty marvelous. I’ve been road tripping.

I made some new friends, memories for a lifetime, got closure on some personal chapters, added new experiences to my journey of life. Speaking of road trips, let me quickly name the places I went to. We shall skip the details for now. Maybe or maybe not in another blog, who knows? Although my blogger plus snapchat friend Shrey told me to do posts of voyaging in a separate section, I feel I might inadvertently nettle other kickass travel bloggers with my futile posts. Anyway, the places I explored are Waterloo, Cambridge, and Kitchener, the scenic caves in Collingwood, Tobermory, and Hamilton Waterfalls. TBH, I didn’t even want to see some of the places I mentioned but now I’m glad I did. Going on these trips made me realize one thing – it is actually the journey that matters, not the destination. Of course, you have heard this statement before. It’s not about getting there, it is about what you take away from your experiences on the way there.

See, I got sidetracked once again. Let us talk about what this blog is supposed to be about. A topic that will always stir up a great conversation– Should a guy pay for the first date? I know some people believe that a guy should get the bill most of the times, especially on the first date which is absolutely fine. I’m not here to argue who’s right or wrong, but just to share my viewpoint which is a matter of preference. I don’t wish to make an impression that I’m down for dates just for free food. Personally, I prefer to split ( definitely from the second dates, if there’d be any). That way both are giving up equal amounts of time and money to see if things will work out and if they want to do it again. Being said that, I wouldn’t kill the romance by insisting to pay if the guy tells me he will take care of it even after I offered to split the check. The person that did the asking can pay, at least the first time. I’d be willing to throw down a few bucks for a good meal at a nice restaurant regardless of who I go with. But if he suggests it before I do, it will always be a negative, no matter how attracted I was to him in the first place. Things can always get awkward when the plates are being cleared. I think it’s a tough call and won’t be resolved anytime soon.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sherry 🙂



  1. I don’t mind splitting the bill if just going out in general or with friends…etc, but if a guy asks ME out specifically, I expect them to cover it

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