Kinda shut..

Hey, I’m going to keep it short and straightforward because I remember you once said that big essays overwhelm you!
There’s no denial about the fact that I wasn’t attracted to you before but lately, things seemed to have change. Especially after we watched the last movie together. Funny thing is I came to the realization a little too late. Yes, I’ve fallen for you. I know we don’t have a future together and you don’t feel the same way which is fine. You never led me on and I don’t expect anything from you anyway. I thought of telling you all this the last time we met, and tried doing so even today but terribly failed both the times.
I don’t want to sound typical or want u to think I’m being emotional but I don’t think I can continue being friends. I was the one who always claimed that we would be friends till the very end but now I’m screwing this up which sucks.
As cliché as it may sound, you deserve all the happiness in the world. You have undergone so many storms, its time you enjoy the rainbow. You have impacted my life in such a positive way, I wish I could do the same to yours. I can see you climbing great heights in future because you have it in you. I hope things work out well with the other chick you are interested in.
Also, if you have ever considered me your friend, please don’t reply to this email and don’t ever contact me again via phone or texts. I know u are thinking I’m saying this in a heat of the moment or playing head games but honestly, it will help me if you don’t reply. It’s nothing personal. I promise. Let this email be a final closure. I don’t wish to hear “u deserve better”, or “you will find the one” bla bla. I hope you will respect my stance.
I will miss you! 

Hello my wonderful bloggers, the last week has been pretty busy. I went for a day trip to BOLDT CASTLE. Omg, what an otherworldly place! Totally fell for the spectacular architecture and the fine details. Apart from that, as usual, was pretty occupied with work and setting up my fish tank. Yes, I adopted two lovely fish and I call them Queenie and Nicky! They are beautiful and I already love them so muchhh. Whenever I get a chance, I always stop by and talk to them. Not sure if they can hear us, but I cannot help myself, I HAVE to talk to them. Now coming to the above written “email”, it’s a short attempt of writing a tale, nothing extra-ordinary. I read a few posts of my fellow bloggers on love and separation and got somewhat inspired. The tale is fairly self-explanatory, how a girl confesses her fondness and sentiments to her friend and steps back. The plot which we have seen and maybe witnessed ample number of times in our lives.

Let me know your thoughts. How sensible is it to reveal your warmth and at the same time shudder and draw back without acknowledging what other has to say.
Sherry 



  1. Beautifully written as always and I just nominated you for a 3 day quote challenge and would love to hear more about what motivates you. No pressure to participate unless you truly want to and I understand if you are busy 😉

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    1. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I gladly accept your challenge. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to post those quotes before this weekend as I’m extremely busy with work!

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      1. You are very welcome dear and there is no pressure at all. I do understand if it’s too much and we all juggle hectic lives, just wanted to recognize your amazing talent and include you 😉. So don’t sweat it at all. Hugs

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  2. Curious, your reference to Boldt Castle, in itself a beautiful yet tragic love story.
    They say dozens of workers suddenly stopped one day, when the castle was but 80% complete.
    Everything stopped when the builder’s young wife died, and he never visited Heart Island again.

    Seek peace,


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  3. It is sad when two people who love , have to part. I know the feeling. In my own ideal world I do wish people can remain friends because those who have loved each other know about each other so much.

    but i guess I am just a idiot to wish that way , in real life things dont work that way. Love is something that everyone should experience and lucky are the ones who actually get loved…

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  4. this is happening more of lately
    With the advent of smart phones and social media, falling in love and falling out of love, happens over emails or texts itself. How sad.

    However the idea of stepping back and then wishing Everything was beautiful, falling in love and being selfless, sacrifice and peace, containment and care

    Such a bizzare combination of emotions and character!

    I wish there was simpler approach to things and a smoother way out if required.

    The shift in times have broken a lot of hearts !

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  5. You are a perfect blogger sherry. Your writing reminds me of my ongoing story. But your story is an inspiring one,like for me it is! It has given me some force to confess the way you wrote. It is so relatable to me. Wonderful story👏.

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