Excerpts From An Amateur

Hola wonderful bloggers, hope you are having an amazing time of your lives. I am just sitting idle here. Today has been the slowest work day of the month. But I’m not complaining, a little break never killed nobody. Snacking on my granola bar (health freak? Maybe not. I just love granola bars), I’m having a brainstorming session on what my blog should be about. In the meantime, let’s just talk. Summer is officially over but with the current temperature being 20 degrees, it is a beautiful day outside. I am sitting by the window and soaking in all the sunshine while I can. The view from my office backyard is something I never get bored of. I see a beautiful lake surrounded by tall trees and lush green grass with houses further in the distance. It’s tranquilizing to sit quietly and reflect on life while getting an eyeful of the world. The combination of blue skies and green earth exhibits an amazing eye tonic. Such soul relieving views often make me want to escape the confinements of work and responsibility and run away to a dreamland. Is it just me or do u also feel that strange yet appeasing ecstasy when you are being smitten by the glory of lovely Mother Nature? I am somewhat convinced that it’s safe to say we all are in this together. Oh, what magical spell nature and music can cast on our souls!

After pondering over blog ideas for 2 hours..

Alrighty my counterparts, on spur of moment I recalled that 2 of my lovely bloggers (http://fabwritings.wordpress.com/ and http://rhapsodyboho.wordpress.com/) nominated me for 3 days quote challenge which reminds me of the quotes I composed sometime back. On Instagram, I stumbled upon a few pages like “terribly tiny tales”, the forgotten human”, and “the scribbled stories”, etc. I loved how people put into few words the heart melting – sometimes the inspiring emotions, little chronicles, or you can say a synopsis. I hankered to give it a try too. I wrote some quotes and guess what, I was tempted to submit my entry to these pages and one of them, de facto, approved and published 2 of my quotes. Yes, my submissions made the cut.
I know it’s not a great deal when we have such marvelous and talented writers, poets, and bloggers out there but for someone like me, it definitely is of considerable importance because I never thought I’d write one day let alone share my snippets with others. Without further ado, here are the quotes by yours truly:

* He longed for emotional connection.
Negligible rub of his skin against hers evoked in her plethora of emotions.

* Him – We can’t, I overthink
Her – We can, I overlook

* Intentionally she repudiated the fact she liked him
Unintentionally he disregarded the fact she liked him.

* He blamed her words and actions didn’t match; all she wanted was for him to decipher her eyes.

Nothing as astounding as how quotes should be, I hope they do justice to my thoughts by being plain and self-explanatory. I certainly need improvement. So far, that’s the best my pen could offer. I shall be posting the 3 days quote challenge super soon, till then stay positive and keep blogging!

Sherry 🙂



  1. Loooouvely post sherrr..so refreshing..i cant say for others but i definitely do share your love for mother nature😊 and as for your quotes ,they are brilliant!!!You’re one talented writer and deserve more credit than you give yourself..looking fwd to reading more quotes by you :* 🌸

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  2. I’ve recently discovered that I am seriously head-over-heels in love with Mother Nature and this planet. She overwhelms my senses, and frankly is beginning to make it more difficult each day to concentrate on my work.
    I seek her out at each opportunity, I am distracted constantly, I run to her after work.
    Damn the consequences, this is true love.

    Seek peace,


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