3 Day Quote Challenge – in toto!

Hello lovely people,

Hope everybody who celebrated Diwali past weekend or Halloween on Monday had a fun and safe one. I love Diwali, at the same time I am against the contribution to destruction of ozone layer. I am all about Eco-friendly, environment safe Diwali. “Say no to crackers”. Those who don’t know, it is the Christmas of India, biggest of all festivals. As for Halloween, I don’t decorate the house much but I love answering the door and handing out candies to trick-or-treaters with adorable costumes. Additionally, I relish how Halloween is a time for all ages to party.
While majority of the world’s population love Summer (you can sit outside, do all the fun activities, go to the beach, everything is super bright and lively), I impartially love Fall and Winter too. Fall is all about fashion, pumpkins and lattes. I am always delighted to see the stylish layering tips at the mall for staying warm. Some consider that “everything pumpkin flavored” is an exaggerated notion. Speaking of myself, I love pumpkin spice muffins from Tim Hortons. Shamelessly, I can have 3 in a day. I always look forward to last few months of the year, starting September. We Indians celebrate Navratri, Dueshra, Diwali followed by Guru Nanak’s jayanti. November marks my parents wedding anniversary and sister’s birthday. I am a December baby and then we have Christmas and New year. Maybe its the holidays and festivities and family celebrations that put me in the right mood. I love it and cherish the memories it brings.

I was nominated for a 3 day quote challenge a little while back. I’d been slacking the whole time but finally thought to stop dilly-dallying for too long. I am totally a quotes person, so much that once I got so inspired, I ended up writing some myself. You can head back to my old post and check them out. I enjoy reading quotes of all kinds and have many personal favorites, hence picking up just 3 that inspire me was strenuous. Let’s get started.

1. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
I feel this quote has an extremely powerful message. It tells us to be more understanding and less judgmental. Most of us are bemused by our own struggles that we forget to determinate what others are going through. Kindness is one of the golden virtues. We need to be affectionate towards others for who knows, they maybe carrying a burden heavier than ours. We need to remember life is a subjective experience. We must have compassion for all beings, whether they are rich or poor, each of them has their own sufferings.

2. We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
According to my understanding of this quote, it implies that we all have our own life issues and each one of us deals with those battles differently. We all undergo moments of weakness and failures, but what matters is how quickly we try to get out of there. The quote emphasizes on how some people crib about their current state of affairs but do nothing much and how others find the positive amidst the negative and try hard to make their plight better. No matter how worse things get, one must always be optimistic and live in the hope of good second chance.

3. Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.
Life is moving too quickly. We often forget to take a break and acknowledge all the blessings bestowed upon us by the power above. It doesn’t take much to become a thankful person and make everyone around us feel appreciated. We have zillion reasons to be grateful and we all must try to train our minds to cultivate the attitude of gratitude.

I am human and at times, it can be hard to be cheerful and positive. I tend to get negative feelings, but before they start to control my mind I quickly switch over my attention to these positive quotes and believe me, they get me going. We are not perfect and we can never be, but that can be our goal forever. That’s all for today! Let me know in the comments below which particular quote inspires you?

Sherry 🙂



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