A big Shout Out

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. I’m loving the holiday decorations galore in shopping malls and everywhere else. The embellished lighting on the streets have made the nights bright as days. The entire city seems to be in the mood of festivities and approaching holiday. For me, the countdown has already begun. Is it just me or do you also feel that 2016 went by really quickly. Literally, time is flying. So are you all ready for a New Year’s resolution? I’ve a very open-minded opinion about this notion. I personally feel it does and doesn’t work. Every year, thousands of people make plans to achieve certain goals and many stick to the struggle. The rest who give up think, “Ah! Next year for sure. I wasn’t prepared enough”. They come up with all the possible excuses to cover up their lack of determination. Btw, lets be clear. I’m not here to judge anyone. I can say so very surely becuase I have worn the shoes of both – the achiever and the quitter. My resolution for 2015 was to become more fit physically, and to follow a healthy lifestyle. After a month or so, I couldn’t do it anymore. My tongue, appetite and lazy bones won and I told myself that it’s ok. I can follow a strict regime next year. There were occassional but intense episodes of guilt throughout year and several times I thought if everyone else can do it, why can’t I? But despite that thought, I couldn’t care less. Then came 2016 and I made the same resolution. Now I can proudly say this time I did it. Although, I still have a long way to go but I have become physically fitter than before. I love my new body, I am careful of what I eat. There are times when I do tend to get lazy and cheat but overall, you could say I have definitely made progress. Wish me more power and courage so I can continue doing so and ultimately achieve the results I wish for. Before anyone slams me with “love yourself no matter what”, “don’t be a part of the rat race”; yes I do love myself. And the journey of a healthy lifestyle hasn’t been incorporated to look attractive or to join the rat race. Firstly, it’s a personal choice. Secondly, staying active and eating healthy can benefit long term health. I often see people making fun of those who workout religiously by tagging them as “gym rats”. It’s completely a matter of preference. Do what makes you happy.

Anyhow, disregard the chit chat above and let’s talk about the title of this blog. YES! IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU. I want to say THANK YOU to all my followers, to all those people who read my blog, and to all those who put extra effort by liking my articles and posting their wonderful comments. I joined WordPress in July 2016 and still consider myself fairly new. I always thought there wouldn’t be a single person to read my posts but I’d continue to write anyway. It fills my heart with great joy that 136 wonderful souls are now a part of my small world. It is honestly so overwhelming that I’m at a loss of words. I value your positive feedback and constructive criticism equally. Knowing there’s someone out there who will read your content is the best feeling. It inspires me even more to get better and better with every article I post. The best connections in life come unexpected and I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Each and every one of you is extremely dear to me and I sincerely appreciate the support I have been receiving.


Sherry 🙂

PS: The featured image was taken during my vacation to the beautiful Banff in 2014. Alongwith me is my very close childhood friend.



  1. Really beautiful post.. A wonderful thought to want to be a better version of yourself by every passing year is really thoughtful and something worth appreciation!!😊😊
    Keep up the good writing… God Bless You!!☺😇

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  2. True 2016 has flown past and it seems each year is going faster and faster…

    Resolutions I gave up on them years ago… they don’t work for me.. so I do what I can when I can…

    All the best always ..

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  3. Its always such a delight to read your new posts sherrr ..They are an arresting concoction of kindness, gratitude and compassion , where even the mundane seems fun n quirky. And when you infuse in some quotes, even a frown eases to a smile =) Cheers ! xoxo


  4. Its always such a delight to read your new posts sherrr ..They are an arresting concoction of kindness, gratitude and compassion , where even the mundane seems fun n quirky. And when you infuse in some quotes, even a frown eases to a smile =) Cheers !! xoxo- Hashmita

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