Merry Boxing Day! Ho Ho Ho

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you an amazing year ahead. Yayy! I couldn’t wait till 25th morning and opened my gift on the eve. So when do you all open your presents, on Christmas eve or Christmas day? Today is boxing day but I don’t have an appetite to wait in long queues. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I shopped on Boxing day! My past two weeks were extremely busy with work, family and shopping of course so I’m going to keep this post short and hopefully worthy of your time. I’d like to share 2 incidents that led me thinking how important it is to be calm and patient. A little bit of patience can change the world around us.
Last week I  went shopping and in of the stores, when I was standing in a long queue waiting for my turn I noticed the customer in front of me getting pretty restless. Let me tell you shopping malls can get super crazy especially at this time of the year and if you have a toddler or young children, it can get extremely difficult and tricky to shop around or nerve-racking as some of my mommy friends say. Anyways coming back to my story, the cashier said “happy holidays” to the customer while handing her shopping bags to which the customer fumed and I noticed the straight face immediately turned into an irritated frown. The customer shouted, “It’s Merry Christmas, why can’t you just say Merry Christmas. What kind of sick people have you hired here?” That, to me, was appalling. What was the need to invent a bunch of drama? Just assume their intentions were good and brighten their day as much as they have tried to brighten yours. Good wishes are good wishes. The cashier apologized and looked uncomfortable. The customer left the store mumbling.

Coming to the second incident, you all know how sometimes we sign up for email subscriptions during checkout  for promotions and deals of the respective brand. Again, as I was in queue, the person in front of me agreed to sign up and verbally told the girl at the counter her email id. The girl couldn’t understand and asked the customer twice to repeat. The customer for some reason got offended and started giving ugly angry stares to that girl.  She told the girl if she was hard of hearing or didn’t understand English. What my viewpoint on this scenario is SO WHAT? So what, if you are to repeat one more time? I’m living in Canada for past 6 years and it’s a multicultural country. There are times when I don’t understand certain accents.  There’s no harm in asking. Better to confirm again than do things wrong. The girl pulled out pen and paper and asked the customer to write it down. Why is it a social norm when people ask you to repeat whatever you said, be it twice or thrice.

Just want to make a small request to everyone reading this, let’s try to be a little more understanding and patient with our fellow beings. The world could seriously use some generosity right now. “Tis the season to be merry’. ‘Tis the season to be jolly’. ‘Tis the season to give’. It’s the little things that count. Politeness is overrated and often misunderstood. But always remember to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Trust me, it’s very rewarding. Let’s be a little more appreciative today and of course don’t forget to hog like crazy because ’tis the season to get fat’ hehe.

Merry Christmas and Wish you all happy holidays!
Sherry ☺
PS My niece and I tried making a gingerbread house. I think it went pretty well.


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