R A N D O M. .

Sitting on my couch,  dressed up in work clothes as I sip on my hot tea, I’m brainstorming ideas as to what my 1st blog of 2017 should be about? Maybe I should scribble some inspirational and positive essay. Just so you know, I need something to munch on with my chai – be it a banana loaf bread (yummy), biscuits or rusks. I can never imagine my chai without a snack. It’s appeasing to watch the steam arising from my hot cup wisp away in the air. The sun rays falling on my legs from the window on the side don’t fail to warm my skin. Isn’t it amusing how we make plans every year without knowing that some will dissipate in air the same way as the steam from a cup or kettle. Time moves so quickly. With the start of new year, we come up with new hopes and dreams, new plans. I guess that’s what life is all about. Would love to insert my favorite quote here,
“Change is the only constant in life”. Since my fidgety mind can’t pick on any topic, let’s make this post a piece of arbitrary writing.

There’s this person I know who can never be happy no matter what the situation is. That person is so full of negativity that it is so upsetting for me sometimes and makes me wonder how hard is it to count on your blessings. Always focusing on the “less good” occasions of life, overlooking the good, blaming others for self-created misery and own insecurities doesn’t do any good to oneself and others surrounding you. It only adds to prolonged anxiety and gloom. Many of you might pinpoint that there is a reason why the other person feels that way, could be possibly due to bad past experiences but what I am saying is that such a state of mind can be changed with little effort on their part and would make their life so much more easier. They should not dwell onto sad episodes of life,  should not over analyse every comment or occurrence,  must be aware of their unrealistic expectations. I personally feel that life is too short to worry.

Another thing that gets under my skin is when people compare their lives with those of others. One must always abstain from comparison because grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. The battle which the other person is fighting will never hold any meaning to you because of your own problems which apparently are considered “extremely tough to handle”. Whatever exposure or experience we gain in our life, it is a mirror image of us and our choices and what is happening inside us, not by who we are surrounded or what is going around us.

I also happen to know someone who lives by the philosophy,”I am always right”. We shall discuss about it some other time. I just finished my tea although I could really use another cup. It’s time for me to go to work. Happy Lohri to all those celebrating. Let’s spread smiles and cheer. I miss celebrating Lohri back home with my friends. We would sit around a big bonfire, eat and dance and make merry.I am working till late today, also it’s game day. Hopefully I can make it home before the Raptors hit the field. One quick fun fact – I can’t pick between tea and coffee. I love both equally. Just need my daily dose of caffeine in one form or the other.

Sherry ☺

PS- The picture was taken by me in July 2016 on one of the rainy evenings on my way back home from work from my snapchat camera.


  1. True dat!!! We all do hve that one cynic/skeptic in our lives….If only one could enjoy and sustain the idea of a ” positive bubble” . love how ur random thoughts transcribe into such deep writing. Sending u warm wishes on the festival of Lohri . Xx 😊

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    1. Absolutely! This sustained positivity is achieved subconsciously, some inner work is required. People don’t realize there’s nothing to lose but only to gain! Thanks Hash! Your favorable verdicts keep me going ❤

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  2. Dear Sherry, first of all … many many thank yous for having stumbled and not fallen … 😉
    Secondly … I too often see such wonderfull pictures just begging to be taken … on my way to work early in the morning, but never have I stopped to catch the occation … what we don’t do … we miss.
    I haven’t looked at much of your blog … but I will, what comes around … goes around and one good deed deserves another! Live long and prosper! _/\_

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