Boldt Castle 2016

Last year around September, my friends and I decided to do a day trip to Boldt Castle. In this post, I am going to share my experience with you all. It was a good break from the mundane routine. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed witnessing the beauty of my escapade.

We started our day early with a quick breakfast at Cora’s. It is my favorite breakfast place with amazing food options. I remember ordering a Maple Latte (they don’t have it on the menu anymore but our server was kind enough to request the chef to make one just for us) and Omelette Theo (extra spicy, served with a toast of your choice and fresh fruits). I also ordered La Forêit Noire (chocolate crepe with custard and cream and cherries). Yes, I can be a big eater sometimes (or most of the times haha) but the fruit crepe was shared between me and a friend. After finishing the scrumptious meal, we headed towards the Big Apple.  The drive from Brampton to Big Apple is approximately an hour and 30 minutes. The route isn’t exceptional, just empty roads and lush green trees. Although it was September , the Fall hadn’t taken over so our eyes enjoyed a lot of greenery. To my surprise, our bloating stomachs from breakfast had already settled so we grabbed some snacks (apple crumble, apple chips, fruit juices, spinach pies) from there and left for our cruise.

The Boldt Castle is in Heart island (USA), one of the most famous islands of 1000 islands. From Rockport, we boarded a pre-booked cruise for our destination. It crossed the Zavicon Island which has the smallest international bridge (32 feet) in the world, Millionaire’s Row and St. Lawrence Seaway. To say that the scenic view was breathtaking would be an understatement. Boldt Castle has an interesting story. A millionaire hotel magnate named George C. Boldt started building this castle as an exhibition of love for his beloved wife. It is believed that the castle was supposed to be their summer home but unfortunately that never happened because Mrs. Boldt passed away just months before its completion.  Mr. Boldt was devastated with the news, he immediately passed orders to 300 workers to stop the construction and never returned, leaving the property vacant.

Only if words could describe the richness, the serenity, the love that surrounds this magnificent property! The architecture of this beautiful six-storey fort is beyond perfect. There is a small snack bar on the castle but food and drinks aren’t allowed inside the castle. We had a 2 hour stopover to tour this wonderful estate. The first couple storeys have been turned into a museum. The castle has 120 rooms and 365 windows. Alongwith the Power House and Clock Tower, there is an Alster Tower – the playhouse in the castle which was designed for Boldt’s children. It was supposed to have a dancing room, billiard room, library, bowling alley in the basement. The Arch was planned to allow a grand formal entry for guests from large yachts. I am inserting another link which is for Boldt Castle if you have further interest.

After spending 2 hours, we got back on our cruise and then finally got home. I shall skip the coming back details because I don’t want to distract your mind from Boldt Castle. If you have some time, then I insist you must read or at least check out its virtual tour on the internet. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it. I regret taking good pictures. I want to go back  so I promise to share better snippets with you all from that trip whenever it happens. The featured image is taken by me but it doesn’t do any justification to this monument of love.

PS – there’s a TV show aired on CBC, it’s called The Goods and has become one of my “most-liked” shows. This show is a combination of home decor, fashion, food, lifestyle, relationships and what not! I registered on the show’s website to be a part of the live audience and got my tickets yesterday. I am super excited and looking forward to meet my favorites next week.






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