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Hi everyone,

Hope 2017 is treating you good. Can you believe we are in the third month already? Where does time fly? I feel it was just yesterday when I was celebrating New Years Eve with my family and friends and boom, its March now. In my previous blogs, I’ve always talked about how important it is to inculcate in ourselves compassion and to count our blessings, to ignore the insensitive comments of others, to remain positive and welcome life as it comes. As much as I want to practice whatever I preach, I feel somehow I’ve lost control over my mind and what better platform to vent out my feelings than this. Recently, something happened that has left me pondering over the fact that have I been wearing rosy colored glasses all this while?

If you are an Indian, you’d know how important a person’s age is when it comes to marriage. Once you cross 26 (for girls), you and your family start getting questioned. Not sure about the “right marriageable” age for boys, 28 maybe? I read a very interesting article on Huffington post which was posted by a girl who got married after 30. She underlined very thought provoking points and asked her readers if getting married is an accomplishment? She said, “You don’t need any skill, degree or a job to get married but just a willing partner.” Although I understand what she meant, there were many hate comments posted under that article. Some said that finding the right partner is certainly an accomplishment in today’s era when most are commitment phobic or not compatible with each other.  Some said getting married is easy but staying faithful in that marriage is an accomplishment.  The writer has done fairly well in her life and has also found the man of her dreams for which she’s very thankful to the power above but what she meant was how nobody talks about achievements or struggles or what a girl wants from life apart from the topic of tying the nuptial knot.  People are so brainwashed into thinking being married and having kids is the only path to happiness. Let’s just end it here because it indeed is a very debatable topic of conversation.

Anyways, that somehow does and doesn’t relate to my story. I just felt like sharing it. So recently, someone told my parents that it will be a joke if they become emotional on my wedding since I’m so old now. By old I mean, a girl who has surpassed her “right age” to get hitched. It has been bothering me so much and if you know me, I am a very strong minded girl. I don’t get affected easily.  I have failed to resonate how does age and parents love correlate?  What exactly was that person thinking while making this comment?  Was it an indirect taunt to my parents that their daughter is old yet single or a direct one to me that it’s about time I find someone?  I have been given full liberty to live my life the way I want to, of course every parent wants to see their child settled at one point but I don’t have any pressure from anyone.  What I fail to understand is how can people make such comments and have the guts to be so interfering.  I mean just take care of your own family rather than poking nose in someone else’s business.

Also, a week or so before, I met someone and we were generally discussing itsy bitsy chapters of life. In the middle of our conversation, that person told me that I seemed “lost” referring to a certain instance. I swear I literally burst into laughter. My friend, not just I but we all are lost souls. It’s funny how people call their own adventures and life decisions as fun but when others do stuff for light hearted pleasure, then they are “lost”. We are all taking different journeys of life, two people can never take the same path. We can’t love others the way they expect us to, same way we can’t live our lives how someone else expects us to.

That’s all for now. I feel so much relaxed. Writing down your emotions does help. By the way, I’m still working on my travel blogs, one about Tobermory and the other about Niagara’s ICEWINE FESTIVAL. I shall be sharing those soon; maybe I’ll combine both in one. We shall see.  In the meantime, I request all my readers to check out my very good old friend and now fellow blogger’s travel shenanigans. Believe me, you will not regret. Her gallivant anecdotes are magical and shall definitely kindle the travel bug inside you. Here’s the link –

Thanks once again, for stopping by!

I promise the next post will be much more interesting. Until then, keep calm and happy blogging!

Sherry 🙂



  1. You have written a great piece of writing. The best usually come straight from the heart and so it is with this one. I have learned that some people will talk no matter what the reason may be. In fact, they don’t even need a reason. LOL But, you don’t have to be their victim to their ignorance. Just realize that’s how some people are, pray for them and move on. Sometimes we have to pick our battles. And some aren’t even worth giving a response. Just be YOU! I totally appreciate your openness. I will be back! 🙂

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  2. People will always have a opinion and it is impossible to please everybody. Nothing has anything to do with you and even if you did everything by the book, people would still talk, so don’t let it discourage you. Things have a way to fall into place when they are meant to. Hugs

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  3. We Indians are famous for giving or rather distributing advice…. we have advise for everyone but not for ourselves…. thats the way we are ….. But i see lot of things changing now….. the culture is evolving again…..

    it was a nice piece of article…… lovely reading……

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  4. Lovely to read your post Sherry….much food for thought in your writing….nicely written…..I have started blogging recently with no experience at all…:):)….but I am always positive that I will learn fast..:)

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      1. Thanks Sherry. ..😊…blogging is the best way to come out with those unspoken expressions and share and grow with each other. ..😊 we will definitely have a nice time. .

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  5. O sherrrr….firstly people that pass such reckless comments are probably super bored in their own lives and have nothing else better do….I may be in marital bliss but when sm1 refers to me being lucky to have been married….i often give them that look sayinnn errrr ” Marriage aint an accomplishment bro” plus such remarks spark my feminist side. My choices , my passions describe my identity not my marital status. Dont let such comments dent your sparkle…cz girl you’re here to shine and slayyy✨…Aaaaand bdw “this travel shenanigan” is at a loss of words cz your thoughtful gesture…Tight hugs and oodles of love your way❤️❤️

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  6. I feel that One should get into marriage if they think the time is right.. these days age is or should not be a issue one of my friends recently got married and she was 34.. and she is so happy..

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  7. Everything happens at the right time. I can understand cuz I have twin sisters who is on the said age bar and my mom and relatives are worried, but Me and sisters know that it happens at the right time. No worries, cross the bridge when we get there. Cool post !

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  8. I can understand this stupidity, totally and utterly.

    My 1st piece of advice / Suggestion to such Aunties (Which is usually the case) to shut them up, directly and straightforward without them giving the leverage for moving more courageous and bold.

    2nd I married at 35 quite late in my peers and my wife was 3 – 5 years older than me.

    Although in my personal opinion, it’s best to get married at 24. But due to present societal and financial issues these days to complete studies and settled down. Life takes on.

    Relax and pray!

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