A Short Date

She had been to numerous dates in the past 6 months. This time it was Starbucks where they had agreed to rendezvous. The day was sunny yet there was a chill in the air. She reached 5 minutes early than the set time. She quickly glanced through the horde to see if he was there yet but couldn’t spot a familiar face. Then she turned to look outside the window and there he was, sauntering towards the coffee shop from the parking lot. “Hmm, he’s cuter in real life than in pictures”, she thought to herself. He immediately got cookie points from her because she always liked her dates to be punctual. And so far there wasn’t a single soul in the past who had made it on time. He came inside, they both smiled, shook hands and proceeded to the counter to order before taking seats. She never let her date pay for her especially during the first meet ups. Her friends often told her that’s how things work and one must let the person who asked out first, pay. But she didn’t budge.

They finally sat with their coffees in hand. And there began the usual conversations that one does on first dates. Telling bits and pieces about yourself, your life, and your funny previous dates, choices and so on. A little later she pulled out her phone to take a snapchat of her drink. He smiled, “What are you going to caption it? Stuck at an awkward date?” She replied to him mentally, “Awkward? Are you kidding me? I am having a great time”, only to realize later (when she was at home and replaying the entire scene in her mind) that she didn’t even utter a single word and how “awkward” he literally must have felt. How she wished he could see her snapchat and the caption that wasn’t even close to hinting any awkwardness only if he was on snapchat. He said he wasn’t active on any social media. The busy man didn’t have time. There was something magnetic about his personality, it was oozing the charm she had never experienced before. She was in awe and sat there clueless, just absorbing whatever her soul could.  There was a point when he asked her the full name of her college and she just couldn’t answer, I mean come on, how embarrassing that is. What would you think of a person who doesn’t even know the name of their college? SO DUMB. But that’s what his presence did to her. His eyes just fixed on her face and she fiddling the straw wrap because she was not used to such intense, hypnotic attention. Finally, it was time to leave. How an hour and 30 minutes went by, no one could tell. At least not her, she wondered if the feeling was mutual. His parting words were, “It was great seeing you. You didn’t let me pay for your coffee, at least let me get the door for you” and she thought chivalry was dead.

Hello friends, here I am with another attempt to write a succinct tale. Share your thoughts and let me know if you are curious to find out what happened next, if they went on a second date or not. Finally sunny warm days are approaching in Toronto. It’s said cherry blossoms will hit full bloom this week. I just finished reading a thriller book called “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. It is astounding and now I intend to watch the movie, maybe tonight, let’s see. Hope you all had an amazing Easter. See you around.

Sherry 🙂




  1. I would like to read more of this. You did a great job showing the connection and energy she was feeling. Writing in first person might make it even stronger. Personally, I’d like to get a better sense of how he is feeling to make the mutual connection a little stronger and my strengthen my connection to their journey. Maybe a few more pieces of dialogue that suggest he is really taken by her presence as well. With the goal being succinct, you may not have the space to really build out the connection. But, if this is the launching point for a love story, it is more engaging when there is magic in the air. 💖

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  2. This was an extremely well-written short story.

    Until you mentioned in the last paragraph that it was a short story, I thought it was a real account of a first date- because it had such a realistic anecdotal quality to it.

    You’re a riveting storyteller. I’d look forward to reading a follow up to it.

    So you live in Toronto eh which is currently enjoying sunny weather.

    I myself live in Calgary which is currently enjoying rainy weather.

    Although Edmonton to the north of us got a massive snow storm yesterday so the rain doesn’t look so bad.

    I absolutely love the last sentence of your short story (which might turn out to be a chapter in a longer tale), His parting words were, “It was great seeing you. You didn’t let me pay for your coffee, at least let me get the door for you” and she thought chivalry was dead.

    It was a great ending.

    If it was the first chapter in a book, it would definitely make the reader want to read more.

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