What’s your stance?

Hello everyone,

Last year during this very month of July, I started my blog. So basically, now is my first blogaversary. Isn’t it startling how time flies? I don’t know if I have come a long way or not but I am very happy and satisfied the way things are. I am very content with my life, family and wonderful friends, and also the way this blog turned out to be. For me numbers never mattered. I chose WordPress as a platform to express myself and my journey of life and I can proudly brag that I virtually met so many fellow travelers discussing about similar excursion (4,147 hits and 307 followers). If you have read my previous blogs, you’d clearly recall that once I mentioned of cultivating a lifetime reading habit. Guess what? I think I have finally developed the good practice of reading books on my way back and forth to work (Yes, 1 Hour train rides). This summer I have read a couple of books and I am so proud of the fact that it has only increased my appetite for more. Here’s a list of what I read –

  • Whats She Knew – Gilly Macmillan
  • The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins
  • Maybe in Another Life – Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • Behind Closed Doors – B.A. Paris
  • Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
  • Gone without a Trace – Mary Torjussen
  • A Simple Favour – Darcey Bell
  • Currently reading – The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Yes, most of them are psychological thrillers (love major chills down the spine). I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by wonderful people who have such a great taste in books and are kind enough to let me borrow them.

So one of the books “Maybe in Another Life” that I read recently stimulated my thoughts and forced me to think deeper and deeper. I shall quote certain lines below from that book and I’d like all of you reading this post to elaborate your opinion about any of those lines (your pick) whether you agree and if not, then what is your theory? Simple!!

“Is anything meant to be? How much in our lives is determined by chance? And perhaps most compellingly: Is there such a thing as a soul mate?”

“Everything that is possible happens.”

” The multiverse theory – there is another version of you out there. It’s entirely possible that every time we make a decision, there is a version of us out there somewhere who made a different choice. There maybe universes out there where I made different choices and they led me somewhere else, led me to someone else.”

“If there are people in this world we are supposed to love, we’ll find them. In time. The future is so incredibly unpredictable that trying to plan for it is like studying for a test you’ll never take.”

“because regardless of our destiny, we still have to answer for our actions. We make choices, big and small, every day of our lives, and those choices have consequences. We have to face those consequences head on, for better or worse.”

Looking forward to reading your views.

Sherry 🙂



  1. Agree..and I completely believe this ”

    If there are people in this world we are supposed to love, we’ll find them. In time. The future is so incredibly unpredictable that trying to plan for it is like studying for a test you’ll never take.”

    Take it as it comes..!

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  2. I like the statement everything that is possible..happens..

    Future indeed is very unpredictable yet we spend so long planning for it..

    Congrats on one year happy blog anniversary and here’s to many mannnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more…

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    1. Thanks Bikram ☺ for always being so supportive and encouraging. Yup I totally agree with your point of view. Yet most of us worry about tomorrow and forget to enjoy the current moment.


  3. This is deliciously thought provoking! I love to toss around fate,predestination, free will . And the multi universe Idea has always fascinated me. It may seem a bit Star Trekkie but I love to ponder where all my other realities are. Excellent post! Thanks!

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    1. Glad to know that my friend. I must tell you we are in the same boat because those are my thoughts exactly. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 May be in another world we both wrote books together, who knows. 🙂

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  4. I am delighted to have visited you and that it is the first anniversary of your Blog. Congrats.
    Thanks for your visit and the likes you have put on my Blogs.
    Sherry! We have a long way to go and let the journey be satisfying.

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  5. Excellent post. You are doing well with blogging b) yes I believe in soulmate. One will eventually find .and c) gone girl was the one I have read from your list it’s pretty interesting one.

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